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HiLo Show Ribbons

HiLo Show Ribbons started way back in 1976 and has become a leading supplier of Rosettes, Award Ribbons and Button Badges. 
We currently offer an ever expanding range of Rosettes and Ribbons with a large selection of colours available for you to choose from.  Should you require a size or style not shown on our website please contact us and discuss your requirements, we are always welcome to new ideas on design for Rosettes.


  • #44

    Rosette #44

    185mm Diameter, 1 Row Pleat, 8 Points, 1 Printed Tail, 4 Side Tails. SKU: ROS#44 Category: Rosettes
    From $12.50 ex GST
  • #61

    Rosette #61

    160mm Diameter, 2 Rows Pleat, 7 Loops, 1 Printed Tail, 2 Side Tails SKU: ROS#61 Category: Rosettes
    From $11.70 ex GST
  • #65

    Rosette #65

    160mm Diameter, 1 Row Pleat, 4 Loops with 4 Lace Petals, 1 Printed Tail, 2 Side Tails & Side Sweeps SKU: ROS#65 Category: Rosettes
    From $12.70 ex GST
  • #71

    Rosette #71

    175mm Diameter, 2 Rows Pleat, 4 Loops, 4 Petals, 1 Printed Tails, 4 Side Tails SKU: ROS#71 Category: Rosettes
    From $17.90 ex GST

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HiLo Show Ribbons specialises in Show Ribbons, Rosettes and Sashes for a wide variety of purposes.

10 Wagonwheel Road,
Boyland, QLD  4275

Call: (07) 5543 4494 
Email: info@showrosettes.com

Office Hours: 9.30am to 5pm


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